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Worm Profits – Early3

Worm Profits

Tiny Vermicomposting Businesses with BIG Potential

WHAT IS “WORM PROFITS”? – An online course intended to help entrepreneurial vermicomposters – and anyone else who is interested – start up a profitable “worm business” (very loose term – selling worms isn’t mandatory) on a shoestring budget.

WHY DID YOU CREATE IT? – This is a topic near and dear to my heart, since I’ve been a passionate vermicomposter and entrepreneur for many years. Truth be told, while my first love involves teaching people about vermicomposing (and other topics) online, it is my own tiny (and often neglected) “real world” worm business that keeps saving my neck year after year! This really gets me excited, and I can only imagine what others could accomplish using similar strategies!

WHO IS THIS FOR? – This is for anyone interested in the idea of starting up (or further developing) some form of vermicomposting business. It is primarily intended for those planning to start small and “grow” from there.

HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER WORM BUSINESS PRODUCTS? – It is based on my “Modern Worm Farming” business philosophy. The 3 core concepts (or “pillars” as I refer to them) get you focusing on: 1) developing a business that is best suited for YOUR particular situation/strengths/interests, rather than blindly following an outdated “one-size-fits-all” approach; 2) establishing strategic partnerships with others who have complimentary strengths/experience/resources; and 3) harnessing the incredible “power” of the World Wide Web, thereby greatly leveraging your efforts.

WHAT IF I ALREADY HAVE A (SUCCESSFUL/LARGE-SCALE ETC) VERMICOMPOSTING BUSINESS? – That’s great! Even though the main audience will likely be those just getting started, or at least those starting small – and the content is catered accordingly – that’s not to say that more-established businesses can’t benefit from the information. As mentioned already, this is NOT your typical/traditional “how to start a worm farming business” type of course.

WHO IS THIS NOT FOR? – This material is definitely NOT intended for those needing to get held by the hand, and spoon-fed everything all the way along. Nor is it intended for those who are after “easy”, “overnight” “riches” – in other words, people who are not willing to put in the time and effort to set up and operate a REAL business (it can still be “easy” and “fun” – don’t get me wrong – but like anything worth doing, you still need to put in a decent amount of time and effort).


The Worm Profits launch is taking place over the course of 3 weeks. Early on you can secure the absolute BEST deal (more than 50% off), but you also have to be a bit more patient since all the course content will not yet be available (still a decent amount though).

Phase I – 4 Days (Starting Friday Jan 24th @ 3pm EST) – Price: $13
Phase II – 4 Days (Starting Wednesday Jan 29th @ 12am EST) – Price: $15
Phase III – 6 Days (Starting Sunday Feb 2nd @ 12am EST) – Price: $17
Phase IV – 7 days – Price: $19
Final Phase – Final Price: $27

The listed price and the countdown timer (both below) will tell you what “Phase” the launch is in, and how much time is left before the price goes up again.

When you order, you will gain access to the e-mail list and members’ area. Inside you will find the first 6 core lessons and very soon afterwards, the 1st edition of the written Companion Guide.

WHY DESIGN THE LAUNCH THIS WAY? WHY PRICE SO LOW EARLY ON? – A big part of why I wanted to create this course in the first place was to make information on this topic more accessible to more people! Plus, me being me, I never like rushing things (nor is it typically possible) – and as such, I like to reward people for being patient!

***VERY IMPORTANT*** – If you are a current member of the Worm Farming Alliance AND/OR you purchased the Easy Vermicomposting Course BEFORE October 1st, 2013, you are entitled to free access to the Worm Profits course. Stay tuned for more details (will be made available after launch is finished) or feel free to get in touch.

What You Get (Not All of It Right Away)

Worm Profits Audio Series – Core lessons will contain well over 8 hours of audio content on the topic of starting a vermicomposting business (one adapted for succeeding in this “modern” era). You should have access to at least 6 of these lessons right away.

Worm Profits Companion Guide – Designed for those who prefer the written word and/or those who want more of a focused, practical set of instructions. This resource takes you through the various stages of getting your “real world” vermicomposting business up and running.

Worm Profits E-Mail List – Allows customers to stay informed, and up to date with all important news & updates.

VIP E-Mail Support – As is the case with ALL “Compost Guy” products, Worm Profits includes unlimited email support.

Free Product Updates – Any additional resources added to this course will be yours absolutely FREE of charge – no exceptions.

Manure – In More Detail – Manures represent one of the BEST food/habitat materials for composting worms – but they are definitely not all created equal. This report takes you through all the ins and outs of properly handling/using manures in your vermicomposting business. (**COMING SOON**)

Worm Order Prep – In More Detail – A video taking you step by step through my process of removing worm-rich material from my beds, harvesting the worms, and packing them up for customers (or shipping). (**COMING SOON**)

Traffic Tactics – A special report containing a huge array of different website traffic strategies that will help to get a LOT more “eyeballs” on your website. (**COMING SOON**)

Member Website Critiques – watch as I review member (and other) websites, and offer suggestions for improvement etc. (**FUTURE UPDATE**)


I understand that…

1) These are e-resources (accessed online via computer) and that no physical goods will be mailed to me.

2) I can order this package and access the member’s area from anywhere in the world as long as I have a web connection and am able to use Paypal (accepts credit cards as well).

3) This is a one-time payment, and I will receive ALL additional updates & add-ons absolutely free of charge.

4) There will almost certainly be other expenses involved in starting up a vermicomposting (or anything other) business.

5) If I am already a member of the Worm Farming Alliance OR if I ordered the Easy Vermicomposting Course before October 1st, 2013, I DO NOT need to order since I will receive free access (at end of launch – unless invited sooner).



*** $17 ***



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