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Worm Profits – Worm Business Course

Start a Profitable “Worm Farming” Business on a Shoestring Budget, in Your Spare Time…Even if You Never Want to Touch a Worm!

Sounds like the shady promise of a snake oil salesman, doesn’t it?

Surprisingly, it’s not. It’s an invitation from a highly respected worm composting educator & entrepreneur – an invitation to trade a small amount of your valuable time for an interesting lesson on a NEW kind of worm farming business. The kind of business that:

  • Doesn’t require a lot of “land” and equipment.
  • Doesn’t require a lot of capital.
  • Doesn’t require years of worm growing experience.
  • Doesn’t require a huge amount of your time.

If any of this sounds interesting, I’d love for you to read on…

A Bit ‘o’ Backstory Before We Dive In…

In case you don’t know me, my name is Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie, and I’ve been a passionate vermicomposter for close to 15 years. I own a pretty popular website (by vermicomposting standards) called “Red Worm Composting”. That’s where I’ve been sharing my quirky passion “with the world” for the last 7 years.

I’ve always been entrepreneurial at heart. I loved the IDEA of starting up my own worm farming business. The problem is I made some (faulty) assumptions early on. I ASSumed I would need to own acres of land and fancy equipment (or at least have the money to purchase them). The idea of starting a “worm farming business” from an apartment or (more recently) a regular house in the ‘burbs’ seemed utterly ridiculous.

So, what changed?

In spring of 2008, I started working with a large-scale U.S. worm supplier. The concept was simple. I would take worm orders on my (Red Worm Composting) website, pass along the order information to the supplier, and he and his team would then take care of the rest.

This is what’s known as “drop-shipping”, and it ended up being a great way to earn a decent amount of extra income (with very little actual “work” for me), while I continued to do what I love best – teaching people about vermicomposting!

And yep, if you haven’t guessed, it’s the main approach I recommend for those interested in entrepreneurial vermicomposting who – for some strange reason – “never want to touch a worm”!

The Catalyst for an Exciting New Direction

My new-found “success” inspired me! Seeing how “easy” it was to start my little online worm biz, I ASSumed (foolishly) that I could repeat that success in the “real world”.

Again, the concept was simple. This time I would order bulk quantities of composting worms to be sent to me up in Canada. I would then harvest smaller orders for the hordes of customers that would be beating a path to my doorstep (yep, there was a hint of sarcasm there).

You can probably see where this is headed…

THE GOOD NEWS – I actually did end up with plenty of customers (or at least potential customers), thanks to a little website I set up for myself. THE BAD NEWS – I fell on my face in just about every other way possible! I won’t waste space here with all the gory details…but let just say that the first two seasons of my “real world” biz were unbelievably frustrating, and woefully unprofitable.

Did I Mention I’m STUBBORN?

I just wouldn’t give up. Unfortunately, I just kept on doing the same things over and over again, while hoping for different results (pretty sure Dr Phil says that’s the definition of “insanity”! lol).

I guess in a lot of ways I “had” to go through all that pain and suffering – and I’m now really glad that I did – since it led me to…

The Break-Through That Completely Changed My Perspective!

Of course, it’s only fitting that I had to go through one final MAJOR crisis in order to clue in! 🙂

I needed to fill a 10 lb order. Unlike many of my orders, it should have been very “easy”. No re-harvesting needed. Just straight from my supplier to me. Then from me to my customer.

There was only one problem. It was a hot summer day, and the worms were crowded in plastic buckets for the ride home (by this point I was working with a local supplier). Once they were safely transferred to their holding beds I started finding a few dead worms…and then a few more.

If you’ve ever experienced a worm population “melt-down” you’ll know that dead worms in a crowded worm bed is NOT an ideal situation. Especially not when you are planning to pack up the worms and mail them to a customer.

I had to make a decision, and FAST!

As you can probably guess, the only decision I could (in clear conscience) make was to cancel (and refund) the order. I’d be out a lot of money, but at least I wouldn’t be sending my customer unhealthy (or worse – dead) worms!

Since I didn’t want to completely lose my investment, I also decided I’d better transfer the worms to one of my larger beds. I knew if they could spread out in a safe habitat their chances of survival would be far greater.

Grabbing handfuls of worm-rich material from the bed, something suddenly clicked…

“What if…I simply bagged up this beautiful, worm-rich material and sent it to my customer?”

I’d charge less of course, but she’d still end up with loads of worms (and valuable habitat material) for starting up her own worm beds.

And thus my “Red Worm Culture” concept was born.

At the time, I was completely skeptical. EVERYONE sold worms by the “pound” or “count”. I figured no one would want to buy worms “my” way.

But here’s the key…I DIDN’T CARE! I was so fed up with my “real world” business by that point, I almost WANTED my idea to fail! At least that way I could go back to teaching people about vermicomposting and nurturing my little online business.

But it didn’t fail…quite the opposite in fact.

The new approach completely saved my business (along with my sanity – haha)!

I was now able to:

  • Prepare orders in FAR less time (so a lot more time for customer education/support, business development etc).
  • Grow virtually ALL of the worms myself (so higher profit margins).
  • Sleep better (knowing the worms would reach the customers in great shape)

It wasn’t just about me, of course! The best part was that it was a “win/win” scenario!

This is a product that

  • Costs less money (yet still provides lots of worm composting potential)
  • Ships incredibly well (I once had package stuck in transit for a month – the worms were fine!)
  • Helps worms settle into their new “home” (roaming worms is a very common issue when stressed-out “pounds” of worms are added to a new system).
  • Inoculates new system with loads of beneficial organisms (usually, bulk worms are shipped in something sterile like peat moss, which isn’t going to provide any benefit in the new system).
  • Typically contains lots of tiny hatchlings and cocoons (so population will grow in size very quickly)

Customers pay less, deal with fewer hassles – and just generally, are more likely to succeed with their worm composting efforts.

It’s become less about selling a commodity, and MORE about helping customers achieve what they actually want!

“Modern” vs “Traditional” Worm Farming

The “worm culture” idea I briefly described above is just one strategy that fits into a model I’ve called “Modern Worm Farming”. As the name implies, this is a vermicomposting business philosophy that is adapted for success in this modern era. It is focused on three key areas:

1) YOU – Gone are the days of relying on a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter worm business model (one that often required a much larger investment, and is focused far more on producing the products than on effectively marketing them). Now you have a lot more flexibility to focus on the type of business YOU want to create – one that’s catered to your own skills, knowledge and interests!

2) OTHERS – Also gone are the days of an industry shrouded in secrecy, where knowledge was hoarded and “networking” was non-existent. The modern business landscape has changed drastically. Now you can much more easily form strategic partnerships with those who have complimentary knowledge, skills and resources. You can also network with, and learn from, like-minded individuals FAR more easily, reducing your learning curve and getting you on the road to business success a lot more quickly.

3) THE WEB – Never in the history of mankind have we had so much power at our finger tips! This “power” has, among countless other things, revolutionized the world of entrepreneurship. Harnessing and leveraging this “power” has allowed countless “little guys & gals” launch tiny-yet-hugely-successful businesses all over the world – and it’s a key part of developing a successful vermicomposting business in this day and age.

Traditional worm farming methods are NOT “dead” – far from it…

…but if you plan to focus solely on “old school” methods, you’re likely just going to end up left in the dust.

The problem is that just about ALL the worm farming business training information out there is based solely on the “traditional” model. This information can still be helpful – but it’s only going to give you one piece of the puzzle, at best.

That’s why I decided to create…

The “Worm Profits” Training Course

This is meant as a primer on starting up some form of “worm farming business” (I use that term loosely – since there is so much flexibility with this business model) – but more importantly, a business that can thrive in this modern business era.

You’ll learn:

  • EXACTLY how I set up and continue to operate my own “real world” (suburban) worm business. As touched on earlier, I fell on my face so many times, and made every mistake in the book. You get the benefit of avoiding the same brutal learning curve.
  • How you can get your business rolling for very little money (especially if you are already a vermicomposting hobbyist). Unlike a lot of other “small businesses” – you definitely DON’T need to invest $1000’s just so you can earn your first dollar!
  • How you can leverage the expertise and resources of others to take your business to the next level – gone are the days of trying to do everything yourself (or trying to find qualified people to “work for” you). With strategic partnerships you can connect with others who have complimentary knowledge/skills/resources, and EVERYONE benefits!
  • How to set up a small, but powerful, website that can help bring in a LOT of business – and (here’s the best part) while you are focused on other things! I realize that a LOT of people are terrified by the prospect of “making a website” – and naturally assume it’s only possible for those with months or years of specialized training. Not only will I show you this is NOT the case at all (the barrier to entry is FAR lower than it was years ago, thanks to modern technology), but I will actually take you step by step through the process of putting together one of these sites.

And (at the risk of sounding really cheesy) MUCH, MORE MORE!

“But Bentley…what if I DO have lots of land & fancy equipment & I CAN grow pounds and pounds of juicy worms already?”

Color me green with envy! That’s fantastic. You’ll be even further ahead in the game. It’s very important to point out that I am NOT trying to suggest here that selling worms by the “pound” or “count” is “bad”. Absolutely not.

My big “take-away” is that…

You now have FAR more options for starting up a vermicomposting business. Gone are the days when the more “traditional” (aka “out-dated”) worm farming approaches were the ONLY option for starting up this type of business. If you want to (and are able to) follow a more traditional path, that’s great! My own business relies heavily on the efforts of traditional worm farmers!

But here’s the KEY…

You will need to either learn some of the skills needed to promote yourself online, OR to form strategic partnerships with those who already have those skills. I can definitely help with both!

I urge you to see (below) what you receive with the Worm Profits course, and to see if you can come up with good reasons for NOT making the small investment to get involved today!

What You Get

Worm Profits Audio Series – Core lessons will contain well over 8 hours of audio content on the topic of starting a vermicomposting business (one adapted for succeeding in this “modern” era). You will have access to at least 6 of these lessons right away. More to be added over time

Worm Profits Companion Guide – Designed for those who prefer the written word and/or those who want more of a focused, practical set of instructions. This resource takes you through the various stages of getting your “real world” vermicomposting business up and running.

Worm Profits E-Mail List – Allows customers to stay informed, and up to date with all important news & updates.

VIP E-Mail Support – As is the case with ALL “Compost Guy” products, Worm Profits includes unlimited email support.

Free Product Updates – Any additional resources added to this course will be yours absolutely FREE of charge – no exceptions.

BIG Bonuses

  1. Manure – In More Detail – Manures represent one of the BEST food/habitat materials for composting worms – but they are definitely not all created equal. This report takes you through all the ins and outs of properly handling/using manures in your vermicomposting business.
  2. Worm Order Prep – In More Detail – A video taking you step by step through my process of removing worm-rich material from my beds, harvesting the worms, and packing them up for customers (or shipping).
  3. Traffic Tactics – A special report containing a huge array of different website traffic strategies that will help to get a LOT more “eyeballs” on your website. (**COMING SOON**)
  4. WordPress Websites Training Center – helpful videos showing how to use this incredibly powerful (and free) website building platform. Even if you are completely new to website creation, you should quickly see that making your own site is not only possible, but it’s actually a lot easier than you think!
  5. Corpy+ Premium WordPress Theme (and how-to tutorials) – selecting a WordPress theme (basically a website template) that meets all your needs can be a challenge at the best of times. The Corpy+ business theme offers unparalleled flexibility, and is incredibly easy to use. No more messing with code, or downloading 20 different plugins just so you can get the site looking and functioning the way you want it to!
  6. Member Website Critiques – Of course, building a website is only one part of the website development process. Coming up with an effective flow that guides your visitors to where they need to be, and gets them to take desired actions (like placing an order) is a whole different ball game. Watch as I review member (and other) websites, and offer suggestions for improvement etc.

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I stand behind my products 100%, and encourage you to test out the Worm Profits Package for 2 full months without ANY risk of “wasting your money”.

If at any time during this period (for whatever reason) you don’t feel this package is worth MORE than what you paid, just say the word and I will promptly refund your money!

“Yes Bentley, I understand that…”

1) These are e-resources (accessed online via computer) and that no physical goods will be mailed to me.

2) I can order this package and access the member’s area from anywhere in the world as long as I have a web connection and am able to use Paypal (accepts credit cards as well).

3) This is a one-time payment, and I will receive ALL additional updates & add-ons absolutely free of charge.

4) There will almost certainly be other expenses involved in starting up a vermicomposting (or anything other) business.


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