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**VERY IMPORTANT** – Please read the following before placing your order:

1) Paypal is our secure 3rd party payment handler – BUT you don’t need an account to place an order (just look for the non-member instructions on the Paypal login page) – credit cards can be used.

2) IF you have a Paypal account make sure your default Paypal email address is current (checked regularly)! If you don’t have a Paypal account make sure you enter your email address correctly when filling out your details. **Order confirmations and other important messages relating to the purchase are sent via email**

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1) A confirmation email from my shopping cart (that will also tell you what emails you should receive! lol)
2) An email from the membership software requesting that you complete your registration for the member’s area
3) An email from the Worm Profits e-mail list requesting that you click the confirmation link and complete your sign-up.
4) Some sort of receipt email from Paypal.

REMEMBER: ALL of these important emails will be sent to the e-mail address associated with the order. If you are using Paypal (and have a Paypal account) this MAY be the default email address associated with the account – so make sure it is active!

If you encounter any issues and/or don’t receive any of these emails, just drop me a line (bentley @ – without the spaces) and I’ll help you get it sorted out!